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shoppers drug mart rapid test covid

Shoppers Drug Mart is now selling rapid tests for COVID in Ontario

Looking for a rapid COVID test? Shoppers Drug Mart has got your back (if you live in Ontario or Alberta).

The pharmacy giant just announced that, beginning today, any asymptomatic people in the aforementioned provinces can hit up their local Shoppers for "quick and convenient COVID-19 screening."

If you've got $40, 20 minutes and no symptoms of the coronavirus, you can call up any Shoppers Drug Mart or Loblaw pharmacy now for a rapid antigen test.

Results are typically ready within 15 to 20 minutes — a far cry from the three days you'll normally wait to get results back from a government-run testing location. And you won't wait in line, as the service is by appointment only.

"Rapid antigen screening can detect an active COVID-19 infection by detecting the presence of antigens — or specific proteins on a virus's surface," wrote Shoppers in a release announcing the rapid tests Monday morning.

"Although less sensitive than PCR testing, the antigen screening test can enhance currently available public testing programs, providing faster and often more convenient options for customers. Additionally, asymptomatic testing complements current public health testing, which often requires symptoms or close contact to test."

Subjects will receive a record of the test and results after their visit.

"To get through this pandemic, we all need to follow public health guidelines, get vaccinated, and continue testing and screening in order to stop the spread of COVID-19," said Shoppers EVP Ashesh Desai in the release.

"As Ontario and Alberta begin their recovery from this third wave of COVID-19, rapid screening options can provide customers with an extra level of confidence."

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