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Megabus expands service in Ontario after Greyhound permanently shuts down

Though the blow of the pandemic proved to be too much for Greyhound Canada to weather, Megabus appears to be benefitting from the loss of its 92-year-old competitor, and is now expanding its operations in parts of Ontario.

Greyhound's Canadian arm had seen a staggering 95 per cent drop in ridership by May 2020, and temporarily suspended service on all routes in the country — which at that point was already limited to only those in Ontario and Quebec — as a result.

Then came the decision last week to end Canadian operations permanently, though the company will continue to transport passengers between thousands of destinations in the U.S. and Mexico.

Just one day after that news broke, Megabus announced that it was launching a brand new route between Ottawa and Toronto, with service to Kingston and Scarborough Town Centre as well.

The recognizable blue-branded double-decker buses will commence rides to and from the national capital's St-Laurent Station starting May 20, and will run Thursdays through Sundays.

Tickets will also be completely free for the launch week to promote it.

Even with Megabus stepping in to claim the new route between the two major Ontario cities, many worry about the gap that the loss of Greyhound is leaving behind for students, certain vulnerable groups, and others.

According to Global News, Megabus is currently also exploring options for lines between other urban centres north of the border, and already runs between Toronto and Montreal, Kingston, Niagara Falls, and other locales.

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