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The fireworks in Toronto aren't stopping and people are getting angry

The long weekend is over but it seems, at least in some Toronto neighbourhoods, people are not finished with the fireworks.

Perhaps frustrated with continuing lockdown measures, people set off fireworks in large parks all over the city on all three nights of the weekend. At Woodbine Beach, people were shooting fireworks at each other.

In parts of the city, the party still hasn't stopped and people aren't thrilled.

"Please, people of this area, I beg you, STOP SETTING OFF FIREWORKS!" one person wrote in the Bloor West High Park Junction Community Facebook group. "The long weekend is over, I highly doubt you have proper city permission, and it is absolute torture to dogs and wildlife."

The loud noises are frightening for pets, particularly dogs.

One person said their dog was shaking nonstop and spent the night sleeping in the bathroom.

Another person said it is not only pets, and the bangs and flashes are terrorizing veterans, animals, and small children.

Fireworks continued on Tuesday night in the Weston and Mount Denis area, said a resident told blogTO.

"Our dogs and cats are struggling and are so scared of fireworks," the person said. "It is causing them a lot of stress and in return caused us a lot of stress."

There are only two days a year Toronto residents are allowed to set off fireworks without a permit — Victoria Day and Canada Day. Toronto residents can only set off fireworks on private property.

"Do not set off fireworks in a City park, street, a parking lot or any private property that is not your own," the bylaw reads.

Whether people will have got it out of their system by Wednesday night remains to be seen.

Those with complaints about illegal fireworks can call 311.

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