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It'll feel like summer in Toronto this weekend as temperatures soar to 20 C

Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts... or at least we will this weekend, if we want to, because it'll finally be warm enough to confidently go outside in Toronto without pants.

Summer-like weather is on the way for Canada's largest city after a few rather dreary, wet, miserable weeks, and if meteorologists are correct we should see temperatures of nearly 20 C by Saturday.

In fact, the forecast doesn't show any days dropping below 19 C between Friday and next Wednesday, or anything but sun in the sky.

We can thank an incoming pattern change for what the Weather Network is calling a "notable warm-up compared to what we have seen so far during the month of May."

"Much of Ontario continues to remain on the cool side, but a looming pattern shift late-week means we will finally say goodbye to those April-like temperatures with warmer air moving in," reads an update from the Weather Network, which lists at least one "feels like" temperature of 22 C in its 14-day forecast.

Today might be a bit rainy in Southern Ontario, but the weather will start getting incrementally nicer beginning Wednesday.

"By Friday, daytime highs will inch closer to the 20-degree mark across much of the Greater Toronto Area, with the pleasant conditions spreading into the weekend, as well," reads the Weather Network update.

While they admit there is potential for some scattered, passing showers Saturday afternoon, meteorologists say that it will remain dry for the most part this weekend and that, even better, "warmer weather and abundant sunshine are expected to continue into next week."

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