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Famous black fox plays with babies in Toronto backyard and there's a video

We love a good fox sighting in the city, and even more exciting, still, is when it's a typically aloof all-black fox — actually called silver foxes, and their adorable kits.

Sightings of these melanistic foxes with shiny black coats and trademark white-tipped tails have been getting a lot more common and were on the rise last summer along with several other types of wildlife.

This came as a bit of a surprise considering they only represent about eight per cent of the red fox population in Canada and are known to be far more cautious than their counterparts. 

We seem to be in for more sightings this year now that more than one Toronto backyard has already hosted the beautiful all-black animals. 

Etobicoke resident Baylee Joy spotted one, as well as three adorable kits, in her backyard just this past weekend. 

Although it can't be said for sure, it's possible they're the same furry family that made themselves comfortable under the shed of another Etobicoke backyard in April. The babies seem to be just about the right size.

Two videos shared to the South Etobicoke Community Group on Facebook by Joy shows a couple minutes of their adorable antics on video.

In the first video, the all-black fox effortlessly leaps from a large garbage bin, onto the fence above and back down again, while the kits freely scamper around the yard with what appears to be a dead rat or mouse in one of their mouths.

The second video shows one of the kits getting a good lick from what could be the mother before another one of the little guys playfully jumps on the one on the ground.

Remember to give plenty of space, making sure to appreciate them only from afar, should you encounter one of the infamous silver foxes that are getting gutsier every year. 

Lead photo by

Balyee Joy

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