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Downtown Toronto street was just converted to one-way for drivers

Driving in downtown Toronto just got a tiny bit more complicated. 

Another of Toronto's streets has become a one-way road as Brant Street between Richmond St and Adelaide St has been converted to a one-way Northbound street for drivers as of this week.

Cyclists will be happy to know that a contra-flow southbound bikelane has been installed on the street, meaning that Brant will still operate as a two-way street for those on bicycles.

The change is permanent and the result of a 2018 development approval process found that that pick-up and drop-off activity needed to be accomodated on the small street.

The best way to allow for stopping vehicles that were picking up or dropping off on such a small street was to convert it to a one-way.

"Along with one-way conversion, a contra-flow bike lane was proposed to ensure people cycling can easily connect between the existing cycle tracks on Richmond St and Adelaide St, and to the north-south neighbourhood cycling route on Augusta Ave-Denison St-Bellevue Ave- Borden St- Brunswick Ave," Eric Holmes of Strategic Public & Employee Communications, in consultation with Transportation Services told blogTO.

This is all part of the city's Cycling Network Plan that will help expand, connect and renew the existing cycling network. 

The city is considering one way conversations that could lend themselves to even more bikeways as Toronto gets increasingly cyclist-friendly.

Next week, the city's Infrastructure and Environment Committee will  be meeting to consider contra-flow bike lanes on other one-way streets including George Street, Winona Drive, and Woodfield Road.

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