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Doug Ford keeps getting ghosted by Justin Trudeau about new border measures

Doug Ford has not been shy in asking for more action from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau when it comes to COVID-19 restrictions at the Canadian border, but it seems that the Ontario Premier has been getting ghosted by his federal counterpart as of late.

Ford has been speaking on the topic somewhat incessantly, tweeting out on Tuesday that he had sent Trudeau three "urgent letters" asking for additional measures at airports, and again talking about his recent appeals to the PM in another tweet on Wednesday.

Ford has long been advocating for more stringent rules for incoming passengers, but his calls have been getting louder in the last two weeks, and seem to be getting completely ignored.

A press release issued from the province on Tuesday reads that "to date, we have received no formal response to our requests and there has been no indication that any further action is coming to stop the importation of variants into Canada."

It also cites the entry of more than 215,000 people into Canada by land and air in the past 14 days, and the fact that nearly 60 flights carrying COVID-19 landed at Toronto Pearson International Airport during the same time span.

"These cases and countless others could have been avoided had action been taken sooner," it states.

"We are once again pleading with the federal government to impose stricter measures at our borders, including banning all non-essential travel, implementing pre-departure PCR testing for domestic flights and closing the quarantine loophole at land border crossings."

Other things that Ford has asked for include closing up loopholes that some international travelers have used to gain entry to the country and avoid the mandatory hotel quarantine (such as flying to the U.S. and crossing by land).

He also said last week that he would shut down Pearson Airport ASAP if he could — months after he called for the closure of our borders to everyone but residents — but that border crossings are federal jurisdiction.

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