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Doug Ford is facing more family legal issues

Family members of Rob Ford are apparently not happy with how his older brother, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, is handling the estate of the late former Toronto mayor.

Legal representatives for the younger Ford's two kids have filed a formal objection to how the premier, who is Rob's estate executor, is spending money on legal and accounting fees, is documenting some of the assets his brother left behind, and is generally splitting things up.

Apparently, Doug's actions are not completely in line with how Rob wanted the above things done, per a Star exclusive.

The family is overall calling for more information surrounding certain payments, the allocation of certain funds, and the state of certain investments and assets.

Doug was supposedly due to set up a separate trust for each of Rob's children, daughter Stephanie and son Doug, along with generally sorting out his brother's affairs following his death five years ago.

Their mother Renata — who has also just filed her own notice of objection against Doug for the same reasons — has also gotten in some litigous hot water lately after being ordered to dole out some $300,000 in unpaid legal fees for a lawsuit she launched against brothers-in-law Doug and Randy Ford back in 2018.

That lawsuit alleged that the two were mismanaging Rob's estate, redirecting funds into family companies and preventing his children from accessing money, including a life insurance policy worth a few hundred thousand dollars.

This new drama comes just days after Doug allegedly settled with the filmmakers behind Run This Town, a movie about his late brother that he said misportrayed him and exploited his likeness without authorization.

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