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A Toronto pharmacy just celebrated 1,000 vaccine shots with confetti cannons

What do you do when your pharmacy administers its one thousandth COVID-19 vaccine? Have a quick confetti party of course, and then get back to work. 

Pharmacist Kyro Maseh and his team at Lawlor Pharmasave, an independent pharmacy in the Upper Beaches, posted a video Wednesday of the hilariously brief (and messy) celebration they threw to commemorate their pandemic-time milestone. 

Maseh starts the video off by tinkling a handbell and yelling at the top of his lungs, "One thousand shots!" 

Two fellow staff members respond by yelling, "COVID gone," and the team proceeds to dance to the song Shots by LMFAO ft. Lil Jon before blasting off two confetti cannons as some members of press document the event.

Maseh then yells, "Back to work! Back to work!" 

It's the cheer we need right now, and the team at Lawlor Pharmasave has been trying their best to spread those good vibes as they work about nine hours a day, vaccinating about 80 people daily.

Maseh's little handbell apparently gets a lot of use at the office, according to another post on IG. In an effort to "boost staff morale," Maseh rings the bell every time he finishes a vial of vaccine. 

In another video posted late March, Maseh demonstrates his team's amazing call-and-response routine: The bell rings, Maseh yells, "Shots in the arm," and the team replies, "COVID gone." 

With people reporting difficulty in getting appointments and CAMH shutting its vaccine clinic today for lack of supply, it's just the dose of happy we need right now. 

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Lawlor Pharmasave

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