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Toronto pet store could be forced to move for new condo development after 17 years

Owning a pet in Toronto can be difficult. From the cost of it, getting them exercise, and even finding a landlord that will allow pets in the first place.

Unfortunately for residents of Liberty Village, the reality of owning a pet may soon get even more costly.

Beloved local shop, Global Pet Foods, has found themselved beginning the search for a new home after a proposed development deal that would tear down the plaza they currently claim residence in.

For a business that's been in the area for 17 years and seen Liberty Village grow into the bustling neighbourhood that it's recently become, it's a painful reminder of the hardships of running a business.

Liberty Village area residents were devastated to hear the news, commenting on their resident association board offering reccomendations on nearby locations that Global Pet Foods could relocate to so that their loyal customers could still continue to support the shop.

As a sign of how long Global Pet Foods has operated out of the area, their first business neighbour was a Blockbuster video store.

Nearly two decades of change later, and like the video retail giant before it, it seems this beloved pet store will have to soon say their goodbyes as well.

While it may still be a few years until Global Pet Foods has to vacate their current location, the search for a new spot has already begun as the proposed development seems like a done deal.

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