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Toronto is expected to see double-digit temperatures every day this week

As Ontario's third sweeping lockdown gets underway, the people of Toronto can at least take comfort in the fact that it's decently warm outside (unlike during the provincewide shutdown we just lived through for nearly three months.)

Environment Canada is forecasting absolutely lovely temperatures for the next seven days, with not a single negative number in the forseeable future and just a few nighttime lows of less than 10 C.

Following today's high of 15 C, the federal weather agency predicts that Toronto will reach a daytime temperature of 13 C on Tuesday. Wednesday should be even warmer at 15 C.

Both days are expected to contain a mix of sun and cloud in the sky, but it's important to note that showers are possible on either (there's a 40 per cent chance of rain, as of right now, per Environment Canada.)

Thursday is shaping up to be the warmest we'll see all week at a balmy 16 C, which would make for great patio weather if restaurants hadn't just been ordered to halt outdoor dining for the next four weeks.

toronto weather

Image via Environment Canada.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will all hover between 13 and 14 C, according to meteorologists, though the jury is out on whether or not it'll be rainy outside: EnviroCan says yes for all three days while the Weather Network predicts a dry, sunny Saturday.

Whatever the case, everyone should keep in mind that outdoor gathering limits have been lowered to just five people as of April 3, when the provincial government pulled its pandemic emergency break in response to a concerning uptick in variants of concern and record-high ICU admission numbers.

Indoor gatherings remain banned, as do outdoor exercise classes, but all public health experts seem to agree that going outside for some fresh air and (socially distanced) fitness is important for all individuals.

Thanks to this week's mild temperatures, people in Toronto will actually be able to go out and enjoy nature without the searing pain of cold wind nipping at their noses.

Better still: This warm weather is expected to hold steady for a while as an "omega blocking pattern" hovers over Eastern Canada, keeping out ice and snow — which truly are the very last things we need right in this city now.

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