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New service takes garbage to the curb for people in Toronto

Have you ever wondered what you'd do with all the additional free time you'd have if you never had to take the garbage out again?

Regardless of whether you answered "Yes, all the time!" or "No, who actually wonders that?" — a company in Toronto wants to help you find out.

Bin Club, a new subscription-based service which launched in January, offers garbage bin placement for home and business owners both before and after garbage collection.

"With a Bin Club subscription, one of our team members comes to your home or work place on garbage day and brings all bins and cardboard to the curb for that designated pick-up day," co-founder Kenny McIlroy tells blogTO. "Our team then comes back after the collection to bring the bins back to their resting place for the week."

McIlroy says he saw a need for the service when he began noticing how cluttered with bins Toronto's streets tend to be.

"While walking through the streets of Toronto, I had noticed a need, especially on collection day, for a quicker service to get the bins to the curb and off the curb in a timely manner," he says. 

"Bins are always cluttering the sidewalks and people who are walking or running are forced to transition to the road to walk around these bins. We wanted to help alleviate this problem."

Of course, the service is also intended to take the burden away from home and business owners who have plenty of other things to worry about and could benefit from the time-saving measure.

"We had an understanding that bringing bins out to the curb and back in the cold of the winter, heat of the summer, rain, snow, wind etc. can be a pain," he says. 

On top of that, McIlroy says the service will also help keep Toronto streets cleaner and free of debris.

"After collection there is always some debris left over from the pick-ups," he says.

"We thought of a service to ensure that the debris around the bins was collected and put back into the bins for the following collection day, without having to be picked up by the residents. This is our part to try and help clean the streets of Toronto, one piece of litter at a time."

And it's also intended to help business owners located along main throughways, who are required to use overnight garbage pick-up but may not be open that late in the evening.

McIlroy says the company also adheres to strict COVID-19 protocols, ensuring that garbage bins are always thoroughly sanitized after use. 

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Lauren O'Neil

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