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Toronto wildlife experts save raccoon trapped on top of AC unit for three days

An adorable trash panda that was stuck on top of a second-story air conditioning unit is now safe and sound thanks to Toronto Wildlife Centre's rescue team

The raccoon had been trapped on top of the unit for three days when wildlife workers came to his rescue, and TWC shared a video of the mission this past weekend.

"This raccoon was spotted with a wound on his face," wrote the organization in its video. "TWC's Rescue Team went to catch him as slept behind an air conditioner. Together Andrew and Sarrah safely got the raccoon down."

The video shows wildlife rescuer Andrew climbing a ladder up to where the raccoon is sleeping while Sarrah waits to catch the animal with a net down below.

The team transported the animal to Toronto Wildlife Centre immediately folllowing the rescue to treat his wound, according to TWC, was badly infected. 

Fortunately, TWC shared an update on the little guy a day later and announced that his face wound had completely healed thanks to treatment and the dedication of their medical teams.

"Soon this raccoon will be able to return home to the wild," they wrote.

Who doesn't love a happy ending?

Lead photo by

Toronto Wildlife Centre

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