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Video shows Ontario man jumping on windshield to try and stop car theft

One car salesman in Ontario has been caught on camera going above and beyond to stop a theft at his dealership earlier this month, though his efforts were unfortunately unsuccessful in the end.

It was on the evening of March 3 that two perps decided to boldly scope out some cars at Sport Motors, a family owned pre-owned car dealership in London.

The duo set their sights on a shiny 2018 Black BMW M4 with a snazzy red leather interior, with one of them pretending to show interest in purchasing the car, and the other waiting behind the wheel of the Audi they arrived in.

The helpful salesperson gives the thief a tour of the vehicle, showing him its features, including the spacious trunk. It is after this that the criminal hops in the driver's seat to check out the interior further.

The dealer is seen chatting with the criminal through the passenger's side door, and then closes it to give the potential buyer some privacy in the vehicle. 

It is then that the car suddenly takes off, which at first appearance could be mistaken as a solo test drive (though usually the dealer has to come along for the ride).

Shots from other cameras on the lot, though, show the salesperson boldly perched on the windshield of the Beemer as it speeds away — clearly not an approved test drive.

The poor unnamed individual is seen clinging onto the car as it exits the lot and turns onto the street, making a left turn and going out of view, the Audi following behind.

In the final cut from a camera acing Oxford St. E, the employee is shown being thrown violently from the speeding car, tumbling onto the busy roadway and narrowly escaping death from oncoming cars.

He thankfully sustained only minor injuries and was assessed at local hospital, London Police report, while the vehicles in question were last seen turning from Oxford southbound onto Highbury Avenue.

Authorities have issued a call for dash cam footage or any additional information from people who may have been in the area at the time of the getaway.

The Audi is described as silver with dark tinted windows, a sunroof and silver rims, while the stolen BMW has the license plate 084DRX.

As for the salesperson, it is unknown whether he will face punishment for a car being stolen on his watch, or a raise for the ordeal he went through to try and prevent it from happening — hopefully the latter, given that he literally risked his life.

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