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Toronto Zoo releases adorable video of orangutan mates and they're couple goals

The Toronto Zoo released a brand new video of adorable 15-year-old orangutan Budi on social media Thursday to show just how much the lovable ape has grown over the past several years, and the video also shows him spending time with brand new mate Sekali. 

Budi, who now weighs 215 lbs, still has some growing to do, but he has officially reached the age at which most male oranguntans are ready to mate — and that's where the adorable Sekali comes in.

"Budi is recommended to breed with Sekali from the Species Survival Plan," wrote the zoo on Twitter

"Keepers started intros years ago but thought it was best to wait until he matured to ensure a positive relationship between them. Budi is now more confident & recent intros between them have been a success."

Budi's demeanor is patient and sweet, according to the zoo, and he "displayed positive reactions (or rather, non-reactions)" to Sekali when they were first introduced. 

In fact, to say the pair are actually getting along quite well is a bit of an understatement. 

"After a few days together, Budi and Sekali were observed successfully breeding and enjoy spending time together," said the zoo.

And judging by the video shared on Twitter, the orangutans are pretty much an old married couple at this point. 

The clip shows the pair doing classic couple activities such as sharing food and looking deeply into each other's eyes, which is bound to make any heart melt no matter how frigid.

Anyone looking to learn about or make a donation to the Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy's Reaching New Heights for Orangutans campaign, a project to build a new outdoor home for the zoo's six orangutans  — including Budi and Sekali  — can do so online.

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