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Toronto Zoo releases video of gorillas playing with bubbles and it's so cute it hurts

If you, like so many others, are feeling cooped up, stressed out, bored or any other unpleasant emotion on this Thursday afternoon, then you probably need a video of gorillas playing with bubbles in your life.

Thankfully, the Toronto Zoo has you covered. 

The zoo posted a video of its Western lowland gorillas having a "bubble party" on Twitter this morning, and the result is sure to ease your Thursday blues almost immediately. 

"Bubbles help provide a novel sensory experience which is important in maintaining optimal psychological health," the zoo wrote. "They also have the secondary effect of eliciting play & other social behaviours which are a great benefit to their overall health/welfare."

The primates appear to be genuinely amused by the bubbles in the clip, at times simply looking up at them in awe and occasionally trying to pop them. 

One of the older gorillas can also be seen adorably placing its hand on the back and head of one of the babies as they glance at the bubbles surrounding them, and one of the apes even opens its mouth to try and eat one towards the end of the video.

At one point, one of the gorillas can also be seen doing a drumming display. According to the Toronto Zoo, this is "the climax of their emotional expression."

"Flat or slightly cupped hands are beat in rapid alternation upon the chest, abdomen, hips, tree trunks, on the ground, or on anything that is handy," says the zoo of this display. "Drumming sounds the alarm in case of danger, threatens the invader, but it may also be done in play."

In this case, it's safe to say it's most likely the latter.

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The Toronto Zoo

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