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Toronto woman humbled by kindness of stranger after leaving purse on the TTC

Toronto resident Lali Faith is still in disbelief after losing her purse on a TTC shuttle bus and having a complete stranger go to extreme lengths to return it to her while asking for nothing in return.

Faith told blogTO she was riding the bus Sunday when she left her purse — containing her bank cards, driver's license, health card and important receipts — on board. 

As the TTC's lost and found department was closed, Faith said she waited more than an hour for the driver to return in hopes of retrieving her purse, but eventually gave up. Feeling defeated, she went home.

Not longer after she arrived, Faith said she received a call from her building management telling her that someone had found the purse and wanted to return it to her. 

She then called the man and arranged to meet him at King subway station.

"He wouldn't accept anything from me to thank him," Faith said. "There are really people with precious hearts in our city."

Faith later discovered that the man had tracked her down by searching her name online and sending her a request on LinkedIn before finding the sticker inside her purse with her address on it. 

She believes he then found and called her building management's emergency line to contact her, as their regular line is closed on Sundays.

"Trust me, not everybody would go this length to reach someone you don't know with a purse that has no cash in it," she said. "I encourage people to be a help to each other. It's still just unbelievable for me to find a purse on Sunday and, most of all, the same day [I lost it]."

Faith added that she is also grateful to the TTC agent who helped spread the word to transit operators and shuttle bus drivers on Line 1.

"We need more of this," Faith said, adding that people are struggling right now and a little kindness goes a long way. "We are trying and we need to continue to keep Toronto a great city with amazing people."

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Bryan Bonnici

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