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Toronto resident shocked by kindness from community after losing a $20 bill

Like many others in the city, every dollar counts right now for Amanda Gill, who has been living off EI since she was furloughed from her job in the travel industry in September.

That's why she took to her community Facebook group after realizing that a $20 bill had escaped from her pocket while on a walk through her residential Beaches neighbourhood.

"Although an extreme long shot, I figured if I don't post, I'll never get it back. But I really thought it was a one in a thousand chance that the person who found it would actually see it," Gill told blogTO.

She expected a few trolls and negative comments but instead was shocked by the reaction of her fellow east-enders.

What ensued were hundreds of kind offers to send her $20 out of their own pockets.

"I texted my dad the next day because I had told him about the situation and I was like, 'My faith in humanity has grown to an all-time high,'" says Gill.

"Not that I thought people were bad, to begin with, but this really showed that there are a lot of people that want to go out of their way to help others."

Although Gill didn't accept any of the offers, wanting only to rightfully find her own $20 bill, it wasn't long before a resident claiming to have found her flyaway cash came forward.

"I can only take her at face value, but a real estate agent that had been showing a house that I walked by happened to find it. She has returned it to me which is wonderful," Gill says.

Having been left with more than enough warm fuzzies, Gill hopes that the neighbourly love and generosity will only continue.

"I hope this turns into people helping others more often, saying hi to neighbours on the street and just being more neighbourly," she says.

"If someone has $20 that they're happy to offer to a stranger on Facebook, I hope there's an individual on the street or an organization that they're also happy to offer it to."

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