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Toronto police concerned for safety of woman seen being pushed into car near High Park

Just two days after an unknown man tried to abduct a young girl from school in Etobicoke, Toronto Police say that another female was seen being pushed into a car against her will near High Park.

Officers were called to the Parkside Drive and High Park Boulevard area on Sunday, March 21, 2021, at 12:15 a.m., according to TPS, after something that sounds a lot like an abduction went down.

It was reported at the time that a car — a "newer model four-door sedan that is green/blue in colour" — had been parked just north of Spring Road around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night facing south.

"The rear passenger door was open," reads a release issued by police on Sunday. "Two men were sitting inside the vehicle, occupying the drivers seat and rear passenger seat."

At one point, two men and a woman were seen standing outside the car. It is not clear if these were the same two men who were earlier seen sitting in the car.

Whatever the case, these two men "grabbed hold of the woman and pushed her inside the car."

Being that it was dark, suspect descriptions weren't too great: One man, the driver, was described as "wearing a black face mask" while another was described as "black with a medium build."

The woman in question is described as "white with blond hair" and police are now trying to determine what happened to her and if she's okay.

While stopping short of labelling this an abduction investigation, Toronto Police are now asking for the public's assistance in investigating the "suspicious incident."

"Police are concerned for the woman's safety and would like to speak to her to make sure she is safe and well," write police.

"Investigators would like to speak with any member of the public who may have been in the area at the time and are requesting local residents, businesses, and drivers, to check for any security or dash camera footage of the area or incident."

When asked if they believe the men pose any threat to the public, police said that they are still investigating the case. Regardless, this wouldn't be the first case of someone in a vehicle targeting women in Toronto's west end. Stay safe, friends.

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Jeremy Gilbert

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