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Toronto wants people to wear pink Band Aid stickers and take selfies after getting vaccinated

When we get vaccinated, we wear pink — a pink Band Aid, that is.

The City of Toronto has released some new details in its vaccination playbook including information on the Pink Band Aid Campaign, a social campaign aiming to "excite, promote and encourage immunization through a pink Band Aid."

The pink Band Aid will be used in all communication materials and be offered as a filter for social media upon being vaccinated. In an effort similar to the "I voted" campaign that swept the United States' election cycle, Toronto is also working on providing physical stickers of a pink Band Aid to vaccine recipients.

For those looking to add some social media clout while spreading awareness, pink Band Aid-themed selfie stations will be positioned near the exit of immunization clinics.

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The hope is the new program will provide easy public recognition of information about Toronto’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program, while also encouraging immunization through imagery on social media. 

On top of seeing pink Band Aids across social platforms, Toronto residents can also expect to see the campaign featured in advertisements on transit shelters, digital billboards, and elevator screens. 

"This will be the largest vaccination effort in the city’s history but I am very confident we will meet this challenge," said Mayor John Tory in a Monday news release."I know people are tired of this pandemic and want it to be over – the vaccines are the best and ultimate weapon in fighting COVID-19."

Canada's largest city is still averaging over 300 new cases a day, and with stay at home orders currently up for review on March 9th, there's been a push to keep the city closed until the vaccination becomes more common.

Hopefully, with immunization on the horizon, it won't be long until sharing selfies with friends becomes an everyday occurance and not the result of a visit to the clinic.

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