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Toronto man offering to come to your house dressed as the Easter Bunny

Whether sporting a ridiculous pumpkin-covered suit while working in the Costco parking lot around Halloween or rocking a Borat-style mankini while in Cuba, Craig Power just wants to make people laugh.

His latest costume is a little more kid-friendly and a lot furrier.

The father of four and 25-year-resident of south Etobicoke will be taking on the role of the Easter Bunny for the kids of Toronto.

"My wife and I were discussing Easter coming up and things we could do and I just sort of blurted out something about me getting a bunny costume," he told blogTO.

"Next thing you know, I'm online, ordering it."

Since posting in his neighbourhood Facebook group to see if any parents would be interested in a visit from the Easter Bunny for their kids this year, Power has scheduled what he's calling 'Bunny Routes' to about 75 different families.

"I know some local malls used to do visits with the Easter Bunny and they're not doing that so a lot of kids are going to be missing out. I figured you know what, I could fill in for that little cottontail, take that spot," Power says.

"I'm just about fun and laughs and that's what our household, family and friends are all about too. Just positivity and happiness and that's all I'm trying to do here."

Power isn't charging anything for the 15-minute visits but has already received a few donations from people wanting to support the cause.

That money has already gone toward packs of Smarties to hand out to the kids.

Since posting, Power says he's received a few good-natured jokes, as well as a cheeky request if he does bachelorette parties.

"Someone commented, 'As long as I don't see you outside of my house waving at me after midnight.' I laughed at that one."

He's also been recruited for the Alderwood Easter drive-thru parade that's taking place on March 20. 

You might even spot his ears and cottontail walking around the local mall in the south Etobicoke area where he plans to head in order to make a few more people smile.

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Craig Power

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