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Toronto condo residents warned not to throw dog poop from balconies

Over the course of the pandemic, there has been a massive spike in pet adoptions as residents seek fluffy friends to spend lockdown with and keep them from entirely losing their marbles.

Unfortunately, it seems that some pet owners in Toronto are indeed quite novice and unfamiliar with the proper etiquette required of pet owners in the downtown core — especially when it comes to taking them on their bathroom breaks.

One condo building in the city actually had to put up a notice last month reminding occupants how to properly clean up after their pets due to "a growing number of incidents of pet urination and defecation in the common areas of the building."

One tenant shared the notice to Reddit, rightfully wondering how some pet owners are so ill-equipped that it had to come to this.

Can we get pets removed from some people? from r/toronto

In the notice Goldview Property Management Inc. posted for residents of the Fashion House Lofts at 560 King St. W and 461 Adelaide St. W is a request for pet owners to do their best to ensure their dogs don't have accidents near the building entrance or in its elevators — and for them to clean it up if the worst does end up happening.

Also, for them to "never leave [pet] waste bags in stairwells, elevators, garbage chutes, vestibules or in other Common Areas of the building," nor to recycle their dog's poop — which evidently, someone may have been doing.

Finally is a disturbing point stating the very obvious fact that "pet excrement should never be disposed of by throwing it off of a balcony."

Management reassured blogTO that there have not actually been any instances of residents chucking animal waste off of their terraces, but that the notice was more about getting owners to stop bringing their fur babies into the shared courtyard patio area to do their business.

Anyone who's lived in a condo in the city will know that especially during the chilly winter months, such spots tend to be quick and convenient alternatives to walking to local green spaces, though using such common outdoor areas for the purpose is definitely not in the best interest of the community or your pet.

As property management aptly stated in the posted missive, such practices are "unsightly, unhygienic, odorous and very disrespectful to your neighbours."

Hopefully, the sloppy pet parents get the memo.

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