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Ontario police share video of cyclist getting caught blowing through stop sign

Ontario Provincial Police caught a cyclist red-handed after he blew through a stop sign near Caledon this past weekend, and they shared a video of the whole thing on social media. 

The OPP Central Region Twitter account posted a video showing a cyclist speeding right through a stop sign without coming to a halt on Saturday, at which point police can be seen following the biker to get him to pull over. 

But it appears the cyclist was unaware that he did anything wrong, and he even points to himself with confusion at one point when he finally realizes the police car is following him. 

"Myth: Cyclists don't need to stop at stop signs," wrote police on Twitter. "Fact: Cyclists must obey all traffic signals and signs just like a motorist."

This cyclist received a $110 fine for his actions, but no demerit points.

Fortunately, the streets were fairly empty when the whole thing went down, meaning the cyclist didn't put anyone else directly in danger, but police are nonetheless determined to make sure all drivers obey the rules of the road.

More than 80 people have replied to the video since it was first posted, with many Ontario residents saying the issue of motorists blowing stop signs is far more dangerous than cyclists. 

Others, however, say too many cyclists ignore the rules of the road and this is in fact a serious safety issue.

"Were working on it," wrote police in response. "#wehearyourconcerns." 

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