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This man is hiding money around Toronto and uploading clues to TikTok

A lot of people use social media to try and earn money, but Toronto's Juwon Thomas is using social media to give money away.

Since last summer, Thomas has been hiding bills around the city and uploading videos to TikTok showing clues of where his followers can cash in on the payday prize.

"I am doing this because I want to give back to the community," Thomas told blogTO. "It's also a pandemic, and people have been struggling so this is a way to help them."

He's given away as much as $300 during a single video and says the reactions to his generous project have been unsurprisingly positive. Thomas tries to find unique locations around the city for his hiding spots and will do everything from taping the money onto street signs to stuffing it into nooks and crannies.

In total, the 22-year-old has collected over 100,000 likes across his videos as people tune in to support the philanthropic trend. While he's not the only Toronto-resident to do such a stunt, he has found happiness in spreading joy to others.

Thomas has been largely funding the project himself, working and diligently saving to be able to give away hundreds of dollars at a time. He's hidden money all over Toronto and has even travelled to other cities like Waterloo and Guelph to give others a chance at claiming a prize.

Not limited to just cold hard cash, Thomas has also handed out gift cards and teased a future MacBook giveaway in previous videos.

He says people living in Toronto should stay on the lookout for hidden cash around the city, and check in on his TikTok for clues about upcoming giveaways.

During a year filled with so much negativity, Thomas has found a way to literally spread the wealth and bring some positive memories to lucky prize collectors and thousands of people watching online.

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