garbage truck accident

Shocking video shows garbage truck smashing into multiple cars and hydro poles in Toronto

A wild accident involving a garbage truck, at least five parked cars, and multiple hydro poles in Etobicoke created quite the mess on Dixon Road this morning, and a security camera managed to capture the whole things on the video. 

The clip, shared by multiple news outlets on social media, shows the moment the driver of the garbage truck lost control on the city's icy roads and mounted the curb before colliding with several parked cars and hydro poles.

The garbage truck also managed to somehow push a 600-pound boulder into the middle of the road while driving through multiple front lawns of houses lining the street.

According to Toronto Police, officers were called to the area near Royal York Road Friday morning around 7:05 a.m. with reports of a multi-vehicle collision.

Upon arrival, they found that the garbage truck had tipped over and was leaking fuel.

In an update shortly after their first tweet, TPS said wires were down in the area. 

"Roads are icy," they wrote. "Salt trucks on the way."

Up until noon on Friday, multiple roads surrounding the accident were closed as police and traffic services investigated the scene and cleaned up the mess. 

As of Friday afternoon, police are still left trying to piece together what exactly caused such a horrible accident. 

The driver of the garbage truck fortunately only experienced minor injuries, and, judging by the footage from the incident, it certainly could have been much, much worse.

Lead photo by

Mark Douglas

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