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Statistics Canada is hiring 32,000 people and you could be one of them

Looking for a job during the pandemic is arguably one of the most difficult and depressing activities there is to do right now.

Canada is at its second-highest unemployment rate in history and Toronto has one of the highest unemployment rates in all of Canada right now. 

Yeah, it's rough out there. 

But there's good news: Statistics Canada is now hiring up big time for the 2021 census. That means you can get paid and talk to other people! Win-win for these isolating and belt-tightening times. 

The federal agency has posted hiring notices for 32,000 jobs across Canada to help collect data on the country's population. 

There are two main positions available: Non-supervisory positions (enumerators) and supervisory positions (crew leaders). You can apply for both in the same application.

To qualify to apply you only need to answer yes to three questions:

  1. Are you 18 years of age or older?
  2. Are you a Canadian citizen or otherwise eligible to work in Canada?
  3. Are you flexible and available to work 20 to 40 hours per week?

Having reliable phone or internet service is also an asset. 

The application asks for up to three years of previous work experience and two references from people who've supervised your work (paid or volunteer). 

According to the website, most of the work is done at night or during weekends, and only crew leaders will need to work 40 hours a week. 

Stats Canada is also hiring an additional 1,000 people for office jobs across the country.

There's no posted deadline for the positions but more information about the jobs and application are available on the StatsCan website. 

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