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Pet grooming businesses officially allowed to reopen in Ontario

After weeks of confusion and frustration from pet groomers who've been fighting to be considered an essential service by the province, the government of Ontario has officially amended the Reopening Ontario Act (ROA) to allow them to resume operations.

The new regulation officially comes into effect today, but it only allows pet groomers to open to provide services "that are strictly necessary to prevent an animal from requiring foreseeable and reasonably imminent veterinary care," or if an owner has been required to seek grooming under the animal welfare act.

Business must also only provide services by appointment, only conduct one appointment for one animal at a time, and offer services through curbside pickup and drop-off of the animal only.

This change will likely be seen by some as a major improvement, but the more than 15,000 people that signed a petition calling on the province to deem pet grooming an essential service requested that all grooming services be permitted to resume for the health and safety of owners and animals alike.

"In regard to grooming, in particular, many animals can develop major health issues from lack of maintenance to their coat and nails," reads the petition.

"Most pet owners are not equipped to provide this basic grooming care for their own animals and risk injury to themselves (getting bitten or scratched), or to their animals (due to misuse of equipment and animals moving quickly at the last second)," it continues. 

"But these pet owners all share a common knowledge: they love their pet and want to keep it safe and cared for by providing regular grooming with a trained professional."

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