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People are baffled by Toronto Police tweet about a turkey on the loose

Hide your kids, hide your wife, there's a turkey on the loose.

Toronto Police are alerting citizens about a hazard at Eglinton Ave. West and Centennial Park Blvd. The hazard: a wild turkey "running in and out of traffic." 

This, according to a tweet made Thursday afternoon on TPS's social media account highighting some deady conditions for potential drivers in the area. 

As if the current snow squall isn't treacherous enough, there is now the added danger of an aggro turkey roaming the streets.

And for added drama, people have apparently taken to chasing the thing. 

For those not familiar with the ongoing saga of the Turkey from Sauga, the whole thing is baffling, if not very on-brand for the GTA. Maybe it's Rose, the turkey from Christie Pits

But for months, Mississauga residents have been reporting a turkey near Centennial Park attacking cars and employees of a nearby office building. 

A spokesperson from the City of Missisauga told blogTO, "...intentional wildlife feeding is causing the wild turkey to act aggressively with members of the public."

There's not much the City can do to remove the bird, since the area is considered wildlife feeding area, but after this most recent incident, it appears 311 has been called to the scene.

Godspeed, turkey.

Lead photo by

Alejandro Ropain 

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