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Dads near Toronto help shovel senior out after ploughs dump snow on her driveway

A group of dads in Oakville came to the rescue of a senior woman named Netta when "ploughs had dumped at the bottom of her driveway" and she couldn't get out.

"I noticed my neighbour had been ploughed in yesterday and so I stopped in to make sure she was OK, and was going to shovel myself but it was too much for me," Netta's neighbour Wendy Perkins told blogTO.

"So I posted on the Bronte blog, and there you go — the boys jumped in to save the day."

She's referring to a local Facebook group called "Bronte Village neighbours helping neighbours," where she also posted the heartwarming news about the helpful dads.

"Willing hands make light work. A few of the Oakville Dads (Gentlemen Only) lent a helping hand! Thanks Per Homer and Jason Speers," wrote Andrew Rymes, one of the dads who had helped out, in reply to the post.

Rymes told blogTO: "My mother-in-law Wendy had met and helped Netta shovel, but the big snow fall and the snow plough were too much.

"Wendy reached out online, and Per asked a few dads in our Oakville Dads Group if we could get a hand, with a lot of response."

Per is another of the dads who helped out.

"So wonderful to see this! Our elderly community members need help. Kindness, joy for living and love for community," another person wrote in response to the post.

"I did three others yesterday too," Rymes added to blogTO. "I am feeling my shoulders today."

Meanwhile, Perkins said of Netta: "I went and got her milk and bread and she's all good now. I think she's 87 and it's great that she can still maintain her independence."

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Wendy Perkins

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