Meet Toronto's youngest ever TTC commissioner who wants you to slide into his DMs

At just 26 years old, Fenton Jagdeo is the youngest ever commissioner to serve on the TTC board, and he believes his unique perspective and willingness to listen can help make travelling through Toronto better for everyone.

"I'm trying to be a good listener," said Jagdeo during an interview with blogTO. "I want people to just look at me like everybody else. This is an invitation to hit me up on the street, to hit me up in the DMs whether it’s Twitter or Instagram and truthfully give me your unsolicited advice."

On top of being the TTC's youngest ever commissioner, Jagdeo also adds some much-needed diversity to a board that has been predominantly white throughout most of its history. He's only the third Black man to ever serve as a member of the commission and is the first since councillor Michael Thompson.

Prior to his role with the TTC, Jagdeo spent time in corporate strategy consulting, sat on the throne of the Toronto Public Libary board and even chaired the strategy planning committee. These unique experiences both in business and life are what he believes set him apart from other board members.

"I think it's often rare to find a commissioner who actually takes the TTC which is a bizarre concept in itself, so I want to do things that are atypical of most of the commissioners," said Jagdeo.

"I understand the struggles, I get the fundamental elements of what riders want. And to this day I still trot to the corner of my street and wait for the TTC… so it gives me a unique perspective."

As commissioner, Jagdeo holds one of ten votes on the TTC's board that factor into pushing initiatives and making major decisions. He's hoping to help drive a sense of innovation that can help improve the TTC and futureproof it for years to come.

"It's innovation, creative ideas and getting shit done that helps us move reliably," Jagdeo stated. "I'm not going to know all the answers and that's why having conversations with everyone in Toronto is so crucial and so important. Especially when it comes to making good decisions that impact everyone."

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Valerie Sinclair

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