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A Hamilton couple got raccoon visitors after leaving their door open to feed feral cats

A Hamilton couple found two raccoons in their home last Saturday night after mistaking the masked bandits for feral cats.

Vladimir Rivera and Zahira Guerrero told blogTO they leave their door open for the feral cats in their neighbourhood during winter.

They leave a water fountain and a bowl of food by the door so the cats can come in and warm up as they please. 

"The raccoons were always on the property, eating the cat food outside, but they had never come inside before," Rivera told blogTO.

The raccoons obviously felt a bit jolted by this deal and decided to RSVP to the indoor party on February 6.

"The water outside was frozen so I think they heard the water fountain inside and decided to come in," he said.

"At first we thought it was one of the cats or something but then we saw it was too big to be a cat."

The couple's cat, however, held no prejudice against the raccoons and allowed them to dine without interruption. 

"Our cat doesn't care, he's old and he gets along with all animals, raccoons, possums squirrels, feral cats, he just hangs out with them.

"After they noticed my wife trying to take pictures of them, they left," said Rivera.

The camera-shy fiends had their fill and left the way they came.

Lead photo by

Zahira Guerrero

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