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More than 50 dogs rescued from Texas snow storms now looking for homes in Toronto

The snow storms that have been ravaging Texas and other parts of the U.S. not equipped for such winter weather have left many in the cold without water and power, including hundreds of shelter animals.

But, as residents continue to help one another amid the crisis, rescues are also stepping up to help animals needing to be rehomed during the crisis — organizations like Canadian not-for-profit Redemption Paws, which has just brought more than 50 dogs from West Texas to Toronto and is working to find them all suitable pet parents.

dog rescue

One of the pups on Canadian soil for the first time. Photo from Redemption Paws.

A total of 54 dogs travelled 2,500 km this week with the help of fellow rescue groups from Texas. The Redemption Paws team, thankfully deemed essential workers during the pandemic, met them just over the Canada-U.S. border in Detroit and brought the animals back into Ontario on Tuesday evening.

"We take dogs from Texas regularly but our shelter partners have been with out heat or electricity and the dogs were in some pretty extreme situations," Redemption Paws founder Nicole Simone told blogTO.

"The dogs were boarded on transport on Monday to be driven to Canada and will now be distributed to foster homes."

dog rescue

Lucida is one of the more than 50 dogs that will soon be available for adoption in Ontario from Texas.

The mission was perhaps a more harrowing one than usual given the urgency of the circumstances in Texas, as well as the fact that rescuers had to adhere to health and safety protocols.

Only five staff were together at a time, masking and physical distancing was strictly enforced, and all involved in the rescue are now quarantining for 14 days.

The dogs, on the other hand, will be available for adoption in the coming days.

dog rescue

The rescues appear to be adjusting to their new lives in Canadian foster care extremely well. Photo from Redemption Paws.

Anyone interested in one of the precious pooches can check out the rescue's social media for more on each dog and how to apply to foster or adopt.

Lead photo by

Redemption Paws

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