kipling bus terminal toronto

This is what Toronto's newest bus terminal looks like

Kipling Subway Station isn't just a regular TTC stop any more: it's now the Kipling Transit Hub

Line 2's western terminus station has undergone a massive transformation.

kipling bus terminal toronto

Kipling subway station has reopened as a major transit hub connecting to MiWay, the GO, and the TTC.

On January 4, it reopened with the brand new Kipling Bus Terminal, which now connects the GO Rail, MiWay, TTC subway and buses, and commuter parking. 

kipling bus terminal toronto

A tunnel connects between the bus terminal and the TTC's Kipling station.

Add that on to its express route to the airport, and Kipling is the new jumpoff point for Toronto and beyond. 

kipling bus terminal toronto

The new Kipling Bus Terminal features a 15 metre overhang to shelter riders. 

It's a big deal for those travelling on MiWay: riders coming to and from Mississauga no longer have to disembark at the Islington Subway Station, since a number of routes have been diverted from there. 

kipling bus terminal toronto

A number of MiWay routes have been diverted here from Islington Station. 

Instead, there are now platforms designated just for MiWay buses, with a beautiful bus terminal to boot. 

kipling bus terminal toronto

The Kipling Bus Terminal includes a new indoor waiting area with phone charging stations. 

The indoor waiting area comes decked out with phone charging stations, water bottle refill stations, washrooms, and information screens with boarding info and waiting times. 

kipling bus terminal toronto

An aerial view of the Kipling Bus Terminal reveals its green roof systen. Photo via Infrastructure Ontario.

Invisible to those waiting for their buses is the green roof system, larger than half a football field, that sits atop the bus terminal building with vegetated modules and a waterproof membrane. 

kipling bus terminal toronto

A new pedestrian bridge connects the Kipling Bus Terminal with the GO station.

The terminal connects to the TTC via a downstairs tunnel (the same direction as the Passenger Pick Up and Dropoff Area). There's also a new pedestrian bridge that connects to the GO station. 

kipling bus terminal toronto

The Kipling subway station is the most western terminus of the TTC's Line 2. 

You'll re-emerge on the other side to yet another tunnel leading to the Kipling subway station.

kipling bus terminal toronto

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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