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Wild trial against York Regional Police constable involves drugs and a silly string heist

Some pretty unreal, concerning, and frankly hilarious stories are being brought to the courts in a scandalous trial against Toronto area police constable Richard Senior, who is facing 14 criminal charges for involvement in drug trafficking and attempted robbery, among other things.

Senior, a long-time member of York Regional Police, was busted by an undercover sting back in 2018 that saw him admit to an illicit affair with a heroin-dealing mistress and his own involvement in the drug trade. 

Undercover agents also say they were working with the corrupt constable on a phony plan to rob a warehouse full of cash, firearms and drugs that he allegedly intended to resell.

Senior was unaware that he was on the verge of being caught, but also that he was simply being trolled — part of the plan, as detailed by the other officers, included silly string to block out security cameras, drones to keep a lookout, police-issue weapons and zipties to forcibly confine anyone they encountered during the act.

Among the YRP cop's other crimes are selling steroids to undercover officers, stealing money from the force and leaking confidential information from police databases. Sixteen more offences on top of the 14 he's being tried for were dropped before proceedings began.

Senior's legal representation intends to argue entrapment by the investigating officers, per the Star, as he was influenced and motivated to plan the robbery and sell the steroids by the other officers.

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