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Toronto Police and Queen's Park increasing security during Biden inauguration

Both Toronto Police and Queen's Park are increasing security efforts downtown during Joe Biden's presidential inauguration on Wednesday. 

The Toronto Police Service said in a statement Wednesday morning that there is no current threat to safety, but officers will continue to monitor the situation "not just in Toronto, but around the world, to mitigate the potential risks to public safety."

TPS said uniformed officers will be on patrol in the downtown area throughout the day. 

The Legislative Protection Service at Queen's Park is also amping up security Wednesday amid the inauguration, according to CityNews

The service said security measures are being implemented out of an "abundance of caution," adding that there will be increased "police and security presence in the city and Queen's Park" specifically.

The increase in security comes after pro-Trump rallies broke out in Toronto on Jan. 6 as his supporters stormed the capitol in Washington. 

Biden is meanwhile set to be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States this afternoon, and a number of intense safety measures are in place in Washington as security concerns remain. 

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