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Toronto shocked after man attacks people with hammer inside TTC subway station

Residents of Toronto were rocked this weekend after a man randomly attacked multiple people with a hammer at Bloor subway station Saturday night. 

Toronto police made the public aware of the situation on Twitter on the evening of Jan. 9, writing that they received reports around 8:45 p.m. that someone was armed with a hammer on a subway platform and had already struck multiple people. 

TPS said police were on scene and multiple victims had been located, leading officers to request the help of Toronto medics.

Toronto Paramedic Services later told CP24 that five people suffered minor injuries from the attack, three of which were taken to hospital. 

Fortunately, none of the injuries were life-threatening. 

And while the suspect originally fled the scene, officers searched the area and eventually successfully located, arrested and took him into custody.  

Police have yet to release the identity of the suspect and the charges he is facing, though they're likely to do so later today. 

In the meantime, people in Toronto have been taking to Twitter to express their disbelief that an incident like this occurred — despite the fact that the city is no stranger to violent attacks with unusual weapons.

And some have also expressed concern for all those who will likely suffer lasting trauma after such a frightening incident. 

"A reminder of the all too common calls that our Special Constables are tasked to attend..." wrote the union representing TTC constables, fare inspectors and protective services guards on Twitter following the incident. "Thankful that there were no serious injuries and a job well done by our partners @TPSOperations."

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