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Someone in Toronto has been collecting all their old TTC transfers for 10 years

From concert and movie ticket stubs to birthday cards from our loved ones, we've all probably collected one thing or another in our lives.

Someone in Toronto took to Reddit to share a rather unique collection that they've been building since 2011.

They've been keeping all of their transfers from each journey on the TTC and it's grown to quite an impressive collection over the past 10 years. 

"I think I've collected about 400 so far, and I'll look to collect more when the pandemic is over," the Reddit user, who chose to remain anonymous, told blogTO.

ttc transfers

They have collected over 400 transfers over the course of 10 years. Photo courtesy of Reddit user MGT224. 

"When I was younger, my father would take me around Toronto on the subway and I would collect a transfer every time we went as a souvenir for the trip. Old habits die hard, I guess."

With the earliest stub dating back to October 15, 2011, each paper transfer has been kept in pristine condition.

"I would keep the transfers in my wallet so they don't get crumpled and put them in a small box when I got home," they said.

Apparently not much has changed about the transfers over the years except for the colour of the paper and the Proof-Of-Payment policies on the back.

ttc transfers

The only things that have changed about the transfers over the years are the colour of the paper and the new Proof-Of-Payment on the back. Photo courtesy of Reddit user MGT224. 

The collection has others reminiscing about their own journeys on the TTC over the years with someone chiming in, "I did this when I was young too. I remember taking a special trip up to Downsview when the station just opened just to get a transfer for my collection."

Someone else commented on how good the transfers smell, with the poster responding, "They do! Even after all these years, you can still smell it."

Seeing the old stubs also has a few TTC riders remembering the "Ka-thonk" sound they used to make when being printed, as well as the booklet of transfers the bus driver used to rip from for each passenger and the tearing sound that would make.

Whether it's the old ways of the TTC that we're nostalgic for or just pre-COVID days of travelling around the city is unclear, but we can certainly take a guess. 

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