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Air Canada loses pet cat during Toronto layover

There are few things more frustrating as an airline passenger than a carrier losing your luggage in transit — except, maybe, if that luggage contains your beloved pet.

That's what happened to one unfortunate traveler who was moving to Winnipeg earlier this month with all of his worldly belongings, including his two pet cats.

Riley McCann was able to bring his one feline friend, Vida, in the cabin with him as carry-on during his flight on Jan. 16. But he had to put the younger of the two, Vida's son Dewey, into cargo.

For the $105 fee he paid Air Canada to transport the furry member of his family, they ended up losing the three-year-old blonde tabby, who somehow escaped from his crate during a layover in Toronto while under the supervision of ground staff.

"The employee [who] had been put in charge to walk his crate off the plane had set down the carrier, turned around for a moment, and when he looked back my cat was gone," McCann told CBC Manitoba last week.

Because of security issues, McCann apparently wasn't able to help employees look for the little guy in the airport's luggage room, and it took another two days once he'd landed in his new home city for the airline to contact him with an update.

They've since offered him a flight back to Toronto to help with the search, which is still on ongoing, but after so long is not looking good.

McCann, though, is in the middle of his his 14-day post-travel quarantine — not to mention the fact that he's understandably livid with Air Canada, and is considering taking legal action.

"This is probably one of the most stressful things I've ever had to go through in my life," he told the national news network.

"I begged and begged them to let me go in that room, to call out for him and try to find him myself, but was told it was impossible, and now I find out it was very much possible."

Hopefully, against all odds, Dewey will make an appearance again soon and get home safely. And for anyone due to be at the airport for whatever reason in the next little while: keep an eye out for a kitty on the loose.

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