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Here are the rules for vacation rentals during Ontario's lockdown

Ontario is set to enter a province-wide shutdown on Dec. 26 as a result of rising case numbers and hospitalizations, and that means a list of new rules and restrictions will come into effect for residents throughout the province on that day.

And while the people of Ontario have more or less had the freedom to rent out cottages, cabins and other vacation accommodations throughout the pandemic up until this point regardless of the COVID-19 situation, that's about to change. 

According to a detailed document outlining the specifics of the shutdown, short-term rentals are only permitted to "be provided to individuals who are in need of housing" while the lockdown is in effect.

In other words, short-term rentals cannot be booked for recreational purposes as of this Saturday.

Short-term rental accommodations that were booked prior to the shutdown will be allowed to proceed, however, but no new vacation rentals can be reserved going forward unless they are providing shelter to someone in need. 

The province's document also specifies that any indoor pools, indoor fitness centres or other indoor recreational facilities that are part of a short-term rental must remain closed.

The above guidance falls in line with the province's request for people to refrain from travelling between regions and simply stay home as much as possible, and these restrictions will remain in effect for at least 14 days in Northern Ontario and 28 days in Southern Ontario.

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