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Police catch Ontario motorist using lawn chair as driver's seat

Halton Regional Police witnessed something odd and out of the ordinary when pulling a car over in Burlington yesterday: a motorist using a fold-up chair as the driver's seat. 

The police service just west of Toronto tweeted Monday that traffic officers stopped an "unfit vehicle" near Appleby Line earlier that morning when they discovered the makeshift seat.

"Just when you think you have seen it all," they wrote. "Yes that's the drivers 'seat.'"

The service also posted several photos of the car in question, and they show a Ford Edge with a giant hole where the driver's seat once was and a flimsy lawn chair in its place. 

According to police, the car was towed, had its licence plates removed, and the driver has been "summonsed to court for Unsafe Vehicle and Seatbelt Inoperative."

But Twitter users who came across the post from Halton police still have so many unanswered questions. 

Many are wondering how comfortable it could actually be to drive while sitting on such an unstable seat. 

And others are meanwhile taking the opportunity to show off their pun skills.

One Ontarian even cracked a joke about it being the same chair Marcella Zoia (also known as Chair Girl) threw off a Toronto balcony in February of 2019.

But mostly, residents seem to be grateful to police for getting this dangerous driver off the road and potentially saving a life.

Lead photo by

HRPS Burlington

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