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Air Transat faces backlash after letting anti-lockdowner Chris Sky fly without a mask

Notable Toronto anti-mask rallier and Adamson BBQ supporter Chris Sky is at it again this week, this time for, unsurprisingly, flying without wearing a face covering.

Sky, who was charged in October for flouting Canada's quarantine laws after an overseas trip, shared a video of himself maskless on an Air Transat flight on Dec. 12 with the caption "To prove to the world that it can be done... and who better to show you?"

In the selfie footage, he simply says "mask off" and smiles, panning to the other masked passengers around him while the plane is evidently in the air.

As a result, Air Transat is facing intense scrutiny from the public, especially after many have been fined for defying the ubiquitous masking rules now present in various indoor settings, and recent stories like the family that United booted from a U.S. flight because their toddler refused a face covering.

The Canadian government, like many internationally, has for months mandated the use of face masks for passengers and staff on all airplanes when not eating, drinking or taking medication, as well as at all times during the screening and boarding, and deplaning process.

There are exemptions for medical and physical reasons, as verified by an official certificate signed by a medical provider, and for children under the age of two.

Based on his latest Instagram stories about the flight, Sky claims to have presented a valid medical certificate exempting him from wearing a mask, which he says Air Transat was simply honouring.

It is unclear whether it was indeed an authentic form or one of the phony face mask medical exemption cards that have been floating around since the summer.

Either way, as is the response to all of his antics, people are pretty enraged at both him and the carrier for letting it happen given his notoriety as rule-breaking anti-lockdown and anti-mask proponent.

Some are swearing to never give their business to the company again, while others are saying they would refuse to board the plane and immediately demand a refund if they found out Sky was on their flight.

"A thread to @airtransat You were duped. This is going to hurt your future bookings. Big mistake. HUGE," one user wrote, linking to the tweets by Saccoccia and reply from the airline.

In the reply, a representative from Air Transat actually thanked Sky on after he complimented them and commended flight attendants for "for honouring my face mask medical exemption on my flight today."

"Your staff was well educated. Very professional and friendly," he wrote.

The reply, which read "Thank you for taking a minute to share your experience with us. I am glad we made you feel safe and we are very excited to welcome you onboard soon!" has since been deleted.

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