new money so sick gang

Police press hundreds of charges including murder in New Money So Sick gang bust

A Toronto-area gang that apparently derived its name from the worst of contemporary song lyrics has been busted and dismantled by Peel Regional Police, who announced hundreds of charges — including first-degree murder — against members on Wednesday.

Officers executed 83 search warrants in the GTA over the past 13 months as part of Project Siphon, which targeted a drug ring in the Mississauga and Brampton area run by a gang that calls itself New Money So Sick.

The crew was also behind many incidents of shocking violence in the community, including brazen public shootings and multiple homicides, PRP Chief Nishan Duraiappah said at a press conference about the 88 arrests the force made and the staggering 800 charges it laid in the still-active case.

In addition to "large quantities" of drugs worth millions like cocaine and fentanyl, as well as $1.39 million CAD in cash, authorities uncovered dozens of magazines and firearms, some of them modified to be illegal fully automatic high-capacity weapons.

These were employed with utter disregard for "the time of day, location, you, your family or anyone else" in multiple shootings conducted by the gang, Milinovich said.

"Normally we have chosen not to provide notoriety or a platform for street gangs by crediting them by name," he continued. "However... this criminal organization has been linked to some of the most thoughtless violence our community has suffered for the last several years."

Siphon was a result of the work of 600 law enforcement agents from a number of GTA police forces, and perpetrators now face charges that range from firearms offences to homicide to human trafficking and drug production.

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Peel Regional Police

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