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Lonely woman who moved to Toronto starts website to make friends

If you live in Toronto, are a bit lonely, and are looking to make a new friend, look no further than BeMyFriend.ca.

This adorable website was created by Amy Creyer, a creative director who was transferred from her job at Momentum Worldwide's Chicago office to the network's Toronto office back in December.

Creyer, who is married to junior strategist at Thinkingbox Ben Percifield, was eager to discover the city and the people, she told The Message, and although she had co-workers who were showing her around, things got difficult when the pandemic hit in March. 

I’m always thankful to be part of the @mccann_worldgroup_canada family. Today I’m thrilled to share my CEO Simon Sikorski supports @bemyfriend.ca 💕 Everyone could *always* make another friend, but for agency people the long hours and personal demands make it tough. I had a great conversation with Simon about friendship and advertising, and we talked about all the ways agencies are trying to preserve culture in a remote work reality. My own agency in Toronto, @momentumww (part of MWG), does a great job promoting in-agency friendships with rotating coffee dates, weekly drinks and DEI events hosted by @northbridges_ Not all agencies are this focused on culture & friendship, so was definitely excited to brainstorm with Simon how to make @bemyfriend.ca bigger and more inclusive as we head into what’s going to be a very dark winter.

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"It’s exceptionally hard to meet new people when you’ve just relocated during a pandemic," she said.

After making no real friends in her first 10 months in the city, Creyer took to social media and started posting messages to the Toronto Ad Jobs & Networking Facebook group in October, as a "shameless plug for virtual coffee dates to make new friends with folks in Canadian Ad-land."

The post received a shocking 164 comments from advertising and marketing professionals. The end result? A thank-you video and a creative website called BeMyFriend.ca.

"Combine living in a new place with social isolation and boom! Recipe for loneliness," she explains on the website's homepage, adding that she woke up one day to realize that she only had one friend in Toronto outside of her agency. 

"This website is my exploration of making new friends in a new place in the new pandemic reality. So whether you're a lifelong Torontonian, or a brand-new immigrant like me, I'd love to get to know you. I'm sure other people would love to get to know you too."

Besides explaining her story, there is a form at the bottom of the homepage where people can leave their contact information and a message for Creyer if they wish to be friends.

To prove this has actually been working, Creyer also included some photos of the friends she's made so far. 

If you want to make friends in a new city during a global pandemic, you got to get creative! 

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