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Hundreds of Toronto residents expected to be without power for 12 hours

A mid-sized hydro power outage in several Toronto neighbourhoods, including Parkdale and Liberty Village, has left hundreds of residents without power on Thursday morning — and unfortunately, the situation isn't expected to be remedied until later tonight.

Somewhere between 501 and 2,000 homes in the area of Queen St. W south to around the Gardiner, and from Jameson spanning east to nearly Shaw St. have been affected, covering a large swath of Parkdale, all of Liberty Village, and some of King West Village.

All of the citizens who grumpily started their day without being able to use any of their outlets or appliances from around 9 a.m. onwards will have to deal with the outage for around 12 hours total, Toronto Hydro estimates, with restoration not expected until close to 9 p.m.

The electric utility company's Twitter team has let customers know that there is a chance that service could potentially be restored before the projected time, though.

And, thankfully today's forecast is sunny and in the mid-20s, without the extreme temperatures we saw earlier this month that would make a day without A/C a bit of a nightmare.

Toronto Hydro has said that crews are still working to find the cause of the issue, but locals in the area say that as of just before 11 a.m., no one appeared to be on the scene to fix it just yet.

Anyone who needs power for work purposes or other daily tasks will have to somehow find it elsewhere or just deal for the time being, and likely for the remainder of the day.

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