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Community raises more than $20K after founder of popular Toronto Facebook group dies

Toronto lost a beloved community leader nearly one week ago, and residents quickly rallied to raise more then $20,000 to help her family get through these difficult times. 

Lex Gore was the founder of WEIRD TORONTO — a popular Facebook group where Torontonians share in all things punk, horror and straight up weird — and she was also the lead singer of punk band Adaptive Reaction

On September 3, she passed away suddenly, leaving behind her partner, Michael Guerin, and their young daughter Vera. 

"We are sad to announce the sudden passing of Lex (Adaptiv) Gore. She was an amazing, creative, fierce and passionate force of nature, and gave a lot to her communities," reads the descripton of the GoFundMe campaign started by friend Courtney Evers to help Gore's family in the wake of her death.

"As you know, covid has hit everyone pretty hard, but Myke and Vera are going to need some support to get through the next while."

The campaign was created just five days a go with a goal of raising $25,000, and 485 donors have already cumulatively given $22,270. 

"I just wanted to thank every single one of you with all of my heart. The outpouring of love and support that every single one of you have given in what is the most terrible time in both mine and V's lives has been incredibly overwhelming," wrote Guerin in response to the donations. 

"This campaign is a testament to the goodness that comes back when you put good out into the universe."

According to Guerin, as well as many of the other people that knew and loved her, Gore was a humanitarian, a talented performer and an all-around incredible person. 

The news of her death sent shock waves through Toronto's punk community and beyond, prompting many to express their admiration for Gore on both social media and in the comments section of the fundraiser.

"Lex was my absolute everything, but she was so much to so many people," wrote Guerin. 

"She was a champion for anyone who needed a champion, a cheerleader for anyone who needed encouragement, a voice for the speechless, a protector, and a person who radiated personality and love for her community — both local and world wide."

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Michael Guerin

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