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Hundreds of people in Toronto just went without power for days

If you can't think of anything worse than having to stay home day after day with no end in sight, imagine having to do just that but without any electricity.

That's what hundreds of Toronto residents were faced with this week after being without power for two days.

The outage was first reported in the Eva Rd./West Mall/Valhalla Inn area in Etobicoke on the evening of April 5, and Toronto Hydro said it was caused by an underground cable fault, which can take more time to fix than an overhead repair.

According to the Toronto Hydro Outage Map, between 501 and 1,000 people were without power in Etobicoke in this week.

They initially said crews were working overnight to fix the problem and that it would be repaired by 4 p.m. yesterday, but that timeline was revised numerous times.  

"We ran into unexpected issues while trying to restore power. Crews remain on site & are actively troubleshooting. Unfortunately, the outage may continue into the late evening," Toronto Hydro wrote on Twitter yesterday evening.

And it certainly did.

Eventually, the hydro company said they called in additional crews to assist with the repair and that the problem was more complicated than anticipated.

"We know this has been very frustrating with everyone staying home and we're truly sorry. We can assure you that crews are doing absolutely everything they can to make repairs as quickly and safely as possible," they said.

The hyrdo company said they hoped to restore power by early Tuesday morning.

Earlier today, Toronto Hydro said crews worked throughout the night to make repairs and that they need to manually switch power back on gradually in order to complete restoration. They said the first customers should be switched back on this morning and that remaining customers would follow soon after that.

Still, some had a hard time believing that since the timeline had been updated so many times since the outage began. 

And many were simply frustrated and angry that they had to live without power for more than 30 hours during a pandemic.

"We know that the last couple of days without power have been incredibly difficult and we truly apologize. Crews will continue to work until all customers have power back," Toronto Hydro tweeted this morning

According to a Toronto Hydro spokesperson, power was restored in Etobicoke at 9:45 a.m. Tuesday morning.

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