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Camera catches Canada Post worker failing at his job

Cutting corners is all well and good when you're cleaning Bart Simpson's bedroom, but when you're getting paid by a federal agency to bring packages to the doorsteps of people who shelled out specifically for home delivery? Not so much.

A GTA resident was compelled to share footage from his home security system this week after catching a Canada Post employee not even trying to deliver a package to his house.

"How Canada Post 'delivers' packages," reads the title of a video uploaded to YouTube on Monday night. The uploader, Yul Brenner, used the same headline when sharing the clip to Reddit's r/toronto subreddit, where it racked up more than 500 comments in just one day.

The two minute, 41-second-long video starts with a Canada Post delivery truck pulling up across the street from where Brenner lives (somewhere in York region, he said by private message.)

After a solid minute of sitting in the truck, a postal worker gets out and walks up to the home carrying only a slip of paper—no package in sight.

The delivery person doesn't even knock on the door when he to the house. Instead, he gingerly hangs a delivery notice on the door handle and backs away immediately.

Seconds later, someone opens the door and calls after him, asking why he didn't knock.

"I didn't know if anybody was home... I'll bring the package," the worker replies, at which point he grabs a box from his truck and scans it while walking back to the house. "Usually there's nobody home, that's why."

Hundreds of angry video viewers aren't buying the mail delivery person's excuse.

"Happens all the time to me here in Toronto," wrote one of nearly 400 YouTube commenters.  I've watched the mailman run to my door exactly the same way without attempting a delivery just putting the stupid notice up... Useless Canada Post."

"This has happened to me more than a few times when I was home," wrote someone else. "I then have to wait til the next day, get in the car, drive down to the post office, wait in line, and deliver the package home myself. Canada Post parcel delivery workers deserve no support."

Brenner himself admitted on Reddit that Canada Post is one of the reasons why he put cameras outside his home in the first place.

"I was hoping they would see them and actually attempt a delivery," he wrote. "Guess I underestimated how lazy these drivers are."

Brenner says that he did file a complaint with Canada Post online to tell them where the incident happened.

Canada Post, for its part, admits that "delivery should have been attempted on the first visit to the door."

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Yul Brenner

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