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Toronto's famous window dog is sick and needs help

You might not know his name, but if you live anywhere in or around King West you might know his face — and not just because a lot of golden retrievers look the same. 

Blarney O'Budrick has been greeting the public from his second-story window in a townhouse facing King Street West between Stanley Park and Strachan Avenue for at least a decade, bringing joy into the hearts of commuters and locals alike almost every single day.

There's just something about looking up to see a smiling dog with his paws on the windowsill, pink tongue wagging as he watches over the neighbourhood.

The 11-year-old pup has become a mascot of sorts for West Toronto over the years, a fact that became all the more evident in 2015 after his mom and dad hung up a sign announcing Blarney's name.

Hundreds of people have used the hashtag #BlarneyObudrick since then to share photos of King West's beloved window dog. 

The mayor of King West Mr. Blarney O'Budrick #blarneyobudrick #kingwest #6ix

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He is a very good boy.

Sadly, however, he is also now a very sick boy.

If you’ve been following NiceCity for a while you probably know how much my dog means to me. Yesterday we found out he is very sick and it looks like cancer. For now, we're keeping him comfortable and looking at every option to help him beat this thing but treatment is expensive. From his window, he regularly elicits smiles from familiar locals, bemused passersby and instagram fans alike. Now we're hoping his friends can help us out by pitching in and sharing his gofundme campaign: Direct link can be found in our profile. Kind words and warm wishes are also so appreciated. Special thanks to Dr. Ellison @bcahtoronto for taking care of our sweet boy yesterday. #blarneyobudrick #saveblarneyobudrick #gofundme #saveourdog #dogsofkingwest #dogsofstanleypark #stanleydogpark #dogsofinstagram #doginthewindow #nicecity #kindness #randomactsofkindness #rak

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"Needless to say we are shaken and very worried," reads a GoFundMe page set up by Blarney's owners to help the pup recover from what they're pretty sure is cancer.

"For now, we're keeping him comfortable and looking at every option to help him beat this thing," it reads. "But treatment is expensive and urgently needed."

The campaign has already raised more than half of its $2,000 funding goal in just 15 hours, all of which will be put toward veterinary consultations, specialized diagnostic tests, medications and, if it comes down to it, surgery.

Just hanging at the window with #blarneyobudrick watching the rain.

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"Blarney O'Budrick is dearly loved by his family, friends, neighbourhood and Insta fans," writes the beautiful angel's parents on GoFundMe.

"[He] would love nothing more than to chase his ball in the park and hang out at his window for years to come."

Watching 🐶👀 #toronto #summer #dogs #blarneyobudrick

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