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10 places you need to know about in Mount Dennis

Mount Dennis is filled with places whose origins are rooted in the history of this little neighbourhood. Though Kodak Heights is long gone, the promise of big transit development in the area is a game-changer. This community is about to get a lot more accessible, which means more business for locals and more places to explore.

Here are the places you need to know in Mount Dennis.


Located right on the busy corner of Eglinton and Weston, this cafe feels like the hub of the Mount Dennis community. With beans from one of the top roasters in the city, this place attracts every type of customer imaginable and is the perfect place to strike up a conversation with strangers, if that’s what you’re in to.

First Class Delites

Classic jerk chicken and coleslaw meals are the main draw here, but a liquor license helps too. Get a drink of Wray and Nephew rum with your dinner (or lunch?) to help the callaloo and saltfish go down.

mount dennis

V's Caribbean Restaurant is where to get vegan takes on Jamaican staples. Photo by Tanya Mok.

V’s Caribbean Restaurant

Vegan and proud, this restaurant is one of the few Jamaican restaurants in the area that doesn’t have oxtail on the menu. Instead you’ll find items like maple jerk tofu and pumpkin stew with avocados as sides.

The Nutmeg Spot

One of the few Grenadian restaurants in the city, this is the place to try dishes like the oil down, Grenada’s unique national dish of breadfruit, meat, coconut milk and seasoning. They also have an interesting selection of fresh juices like mauby and sea moss.

mount dennis

Golden Crisp Fish & Chips serves up classic plates of deep fried fish. Photo by Tanya Mok.

Golden Crisp Fish & Chips

With its kitschy, old-timey Dutch decor and monocolour plates of fried fish and fries, this restaurant – which used to serve employees of the old Kodak plant – will definitely feel like a visit with the ghost of diners past.

Pho Asia 39

Though it seems perpetually empty, this Vietnamese noodle restaurant has a place in the hearts of locals. No delivery, no takeout menus, no website. Just a saucy manager and some pho.

mount dennis

A longstanding institution, Churrasqueira Beira Mar serves tasty Portuguese chicken. Photo by Tanya Mok. 

Churrasqueira Beira Mar

Come here if you want to eat some authentic Portuguese chicken and watch the soccer playoffs. Open from breakfast until 1 a.m. every day, hanging at this long-time BBQ and grill establishment will definitely have you feeling like one of the boys.

Homeland East & West Indian Supermarket

Dedicated ex-pats from all over the Indies come to this small establishment for its array of Caribbean seasonings and powders, its Halal butcher, and for its friendly founder, Mr. Singh. It also carries a fine selection of Indian music and soca CD’s for people who still bump those.

mount dennis

Caplan's Appliances carries name-brand dishwashers, ovens and more. Photo by Tanya Mok.

Caplan’s Appliances

What started as a humble appliance store in the 50s has now transformed into a glistening, showy destination for expensive and, dare I say, innovative homeware. If you can’t seem to get the attention of the preoccupied salesmen, take yourself for a tour and you may find some very useful things for your kitchen.

York Recreation Centre

This elegant piece of architecture was well worth the wait. At 67,000 square-feet, the centre includes a dance studio, gym with all the fixings, one of the best pools in the city, and a spacious walking track that hovers above the basketball court.

Lead photo by

Tanya Mok

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