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The 10 most beautiful places to walk in Toronto

Toronto is blessed with many beautiful places to walk, from pretty streets to lakefront promenades. For all the choice we enjoy, there are a number of spots that are particularly stunning for those times when you're looking to dial up the romance or just want to soak up a bit of nature in the midst of the big city.

Here are my picks for the most beautiful places to walk in Toronto.

Ontario Place Trillium Park

Certainly the nicest new place to walk in Toronto, the William G. Davis Trail at Trillium Park meanders along the waterfront offering sweeping views of the lake and skyline. End an evening stroll by sitting by the fire pit as the sun sets.

Edwards Gardens

Wilket Creek winds through this lush natural landscape near Lawrence and Leslie. You'll cross the creek over several scenic bridges as you take in the array of pretty flora that mark area. Arrive early for a bit of solitude, as summer afternoons get very busy.

humber arboretum

One of the trails at the Humber Arboretum. Photo via the City of Toronto.

Humber Arboretum

As an underrated gem located on Humber's campus in the northwest corner of the city, the arboretum is a bucolic setting lined with paved trails that lead to gardens and a pond. It's perfect for a leisurely walk.

Guild Park

This haunting park and gardens at the top of the Scarborough Bluffs is the resting place for a number of Toronto architectural ruins. The revitalized Guild Inn has brought more people to the site, but has also improved the grounds.

sun valley

The Sun Valley offers a pretty and easy walk through the Crothers Woods area. Photo by Derek Flack.

Sun Valley

Part of the Crothers Woods parkland, Sun Valley is better suited to people who want to take a stroll rather than a hike. Enter off of Bayview Avenue, near Nesbitt Drive and you'll encounter a double-track trail that circles around the pretty valley that was once a garbage dump long ago.

David A. Balfour Park

This ravine just east of Yonge and St. Clair is beautiful at all times of the year, but reaches its peak in the fall when the leaves tend to hit a saturated yellow hue. There's a few challenges with steep stairs, but it's worth it for the tree canopy once you get to the ravine floor.

glen stewart ravine

A misty morning at the Glen Stewart Ravine. Photo by ~EvidencE~.

Glen Stewart Ravine

A lovely boardwalk-style trail cuts through the heart of this Beaches-area ravine that's marked by its mature tree canopy and misty mornings. The stairs can get a bit slippery after a rainfall, but otherwise it's smooth sailing at this beautiful green space.

King's College Circle

Fans of historical architecture will rejoice in the cluster of buildings at the heart of U of T's campus, including University College and Convocation Hall. Once you round the north end of the circle, you'll see the skyline hovering over the campus in a picturesque scene of old and new.

high park

The trail that runs alongside Grenadier Pond is one of the prettiest in High Park. Photo by Neil H.

High Park

What's so great about High Park as a walking destination is that there are so many different areas worth strolling around. For my money, the trail that runs along the west side of the park beside Grenadier Pond is the most pretty, but the hill off of West Road near the cafe is a must-visit during cherry blossom season.

Eastern Boardwalk

It's hard to beat a classic walk along the wooden boardwalk for a dose of natural beauty in Toronto. Once you pass the Woodbine section heading east towards Kew Beach, the beach landscape gets a bit more rustic and the people thin out.

Lead photo by

A Great Capture. With files from Derek Flack.

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